Although the club does not organize any official coached training sessions, we make good use of local opportunities. We also use the online forum to arrange additional training.

Saturdays at 8:30am – Group swimming sessions (at Pirbadet)

The club has its own swimming training in the pool at Pirbadet every Saturday, from 8:30-10 am (arrive at 8:15 to get a ticket and to change). The swimming sessions are free of charge for club members, and a suggested, varied program is provided. We have two 50 meter lanes at our disposition, with room for swimmers of varying abilities. Visit the forum to see typical programs and find additional information.

Sundays at 8pm – Group swimming sessions (at Pirbadet)

We have four 25m lanes from 8pm-9pm on Sunday evenings, where we group ourselves based on ability and the given set. Entry tickets (also valid for Saturday mornings) can be obtained at 7:50 pm.

Sundays – long, slow run

Typically starting from the track at Øya. The time and plan are agreed upon in the forum – feel free to make a suggestion!

Example: Group 1 runs 20 km at 5min/km, Group 2 runs 10 km at 6 min/km.

Thursdays at 6pm – Open water (lake) swimming in Kyvatnet (summer months)

When the water temperature permits it, we often meet to swim (with wetsuits) in Kyvatnet (one of the lakes in Byåsen). Choose your own distance and speed – Thursday swimming sessions are an enjoyable and safe way to get in some open water swimming training. Since the summer in Trondheim is unpredictable, plans are arranged on the forum a few days in advance.

Self-organized training

The forum is a great way to get some company for a training session, long run, cycling tour, etc.
Training-related posts can be found here. Feel free to post in English!