Welcome to Trondheim Triathlon Club!

We would like all Trondheim Triathlon Club members to be involved in the club’s organization in some way – by managing or helping out during events, by providing the driving forces behind training sessions, courses, meetings, or by leading/developing/assisting with new activities! When registering your 2016 membership, please identify an area of interest for volunteering. We hope that involvement in the organization will give every member a sense of ownership, commitment, and enthusiasm for Trondheim Triathlon Club in 2016.

New this year is the “Aktivitetskontingent” wich gives you access to the club´s organized training sessions, including swimming at Pirbadet 3 times a week: Monday 0630-0900 (own training, entrance before 0800), Saturday 0830-1000 (with trainer), and Sunday 2000-2100 (with trainer).

The “Aktivitetskontingent” is 500 kr for adult and 100 kr for youth (under 20 years old)

Adult membership is 500 kr/ year, youth membership (under 20 years old) is 100 kr/year

Family membership: 300 kr for the first additional member from the same household, 10 kr for each additional member after that. For example, for a family of 4: 500 kr for an adult membership, 300 kr for first additional member, and 10 kr for each of the next two members: 820 kr in total.


  1. Register by clicking “New user” at https://minidrett.nif.no/ . If you already have a profile at MinIdrett, use that.
  2. Click at «Membership», “Find new club” and search for «Trondheim triatlonklubb» Click on the club name.
  3. Click on the button «Send application»
  4. Click on «Details» to the left of «Trondheim triatlonklubb» in the box that appears.
  5. Send an email to kasserer – at – trondheimtriatlon.no, and state which type of Årskontingent and Aktivitetskontingent you want.
  6. You will receive an email with further instructions concerning payment. This might take a while, but we will send it as soon as possible. It might also take a while before it is possible to place your payment after you have received the payment email.

Be aware that all applications will be approved. Membership, however, will not be valid until the correct membership fee(s) is paid. Those who do not fill out the information needed concerning the type of Årskontingent and Aktivitetskontingent, will not recieve an invoice, and will therefore not have a valid membership.The membership payment is non-refundable.

Trondheim Triathlon Club is a member of the Norwegian Triathlon Federation.