Welcome to the Trondheim Triathlon Club! We aim to foster an active triathlon community in Trøndelag, and wish to remove any barriers to participation in the perfect recreational sport. We hope that everyone finds the club to be inclusive, and that information is made available to all. We use our Facebook to share news and exchanging ideas, arranging training sessions and asking questions. Don’t hesitate to register as a user and take part in the discussion!

The club provides local sports enthusiasts the opportunity to try out triathlon by arranging a series of local training competitions (“triatlonkarusell” events) that are well within most people’s abilities. The Trondheim Triathlon is an event that can draw triathletes from all corners of Norway to Mid-Norway, an idyllic setting for diverse physical activities. We believe that getting together with like-minded people is fundamental to developing a thriving triathlon community. Training competitions and other generally accessible events are important for attracting curious first-timers and spectators as well as established enthusiastic triathletes.

Although Trondheim Triathlon Club came into existence in the late 1980s, membership dwindled for a number of years. When a group of interested triathletes gathered in 2009 to look for ways to revitalize the local triathlon community, it was only natural to join forces with the existing club.